Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Benefits to Working with a Professional Interior Designer

Apart from the obvious reasons, there are can be many hidden benefits to hiring a Professional Interior Designer, whether it be for residential or commercial work. As you venture into the contemplation of options for your upcoming project, you might want to consider using a Designer if . . .
  • You have virtually no free time to plan, coordinate and implement the vision for your project.
  • You are new the area and are unfamiliar with the bounty of design resources that Orange County has to offer.
  • You find yourself feeling overwhelmed with the never-ending number of options available.
  • You are in need of assistance with the more technical areas of design, such as space planning, lighting design, scale and balance, kitchen and bath configuration, etc.
  • You know that you are creative but just aren't exactly sure where to begin or how to pull it all together.
  • You feel that Orange County's typical interior design resources and retailers just don't offer the unique, 'Never been done before' look that you are envisioning and you'd like to explore what the 'Trade Only' Showrooms offer.
  • You'd prefer not to be bothered with the coordination details and inevitable hassles that arise when placing orders, confirming specifications, monitoring deliveries and overseeing installation.
  • You do not have reliable resources for sub-contract labor and would benefit from 'Tried and True' referrals for painting, electrical, general contracting, plumbing, etc.
  • You are drawn to the idea of having custom furniture and upholstery made but would prefer not to pay the high mark-up that 'Open to the Public' workrooms charge.
  • Your project calls for a very specific look or needs to be designed to compliment the particular period due to the existing structure or 'shell'.
  • You've made costly mistakes before when designing your own project - the sectional didn't fit in the room, the dresser wouldn't fit up the stairwell, the colors looked different once installed than they did in the store . . .
  • and last but not least . . .you really just want a project that is flawlessly carried out, that accommodates every functional and aesthetic demand and provides a cohesive look and style that you will enjoy with pride.

Area Interior Planning is more than qualified to resolve all of these concerns as well as any others that you may have. If you are interested in setting an appointment for a Complimentary 1-Hour Consultation, call 949•294•5769 or log on to: