Tuesday, July 14, 2009

• Launch of Area's New Blog •

Welcome to Area Interior Planning's First Blog! I have come to learn in my years of business that in order to stay on the cutting edge of whatever industry you are in, it is imperative to keep up with the trends in both marketing as well as technology. So, with much 'dragging of the feet' I have now surrendered to the world of Blogging and intend to embrace this new daily task in hopes of sharing insight on the fabulous world of interior design. The more I consider my options for daily topics, the more enthusiastic I find myself about writing. Orange County, as a whole, is already such a 'fashion savvy' population which is why I love being an interior designer here. I've been blessed with projects that have allowed me to create some truly unique solutions to design equations, and I accredit a lot of that to the open mindedness of the clientele here in the 'OC'.

My objective for Area's blog will be to offer a wide variety of topics that will enhance each reader's grasp on what good interior design can introduce, both aesthetically, as well as functionally and sometimes even emotionally. I will also shed light on how a professional interior designer can be an asset when attempting to implement a personal vision whether it be a residential or commercial application.

The craft of interior design has been around since the beginning of time and no matter what the state of the world or the economy is, the innate human desire to 'live in beauty' will never fade away.