Thursday, July 23, 2009

Plants: The Glue that Holds the Design Together

In my eight years spent as a model home designer, I learned very early on in my career that a successful design is only as good as the cohesiveness of the finished product. The installation week of a model home project is a very interesting event. With each item that gets placed, hung or installed, another layer of detail to the interior is introduced. What is unusual about the model home industry is that the project comes to life at a very rapid pace - thus allowing the designer to see the vision become reality in just a matter of days, rather than months or years as it can be with the residential or commercial industry.

One of the last finishing touches during an model home installation is the arrival of the interior plants. I am always amazed at how the addition of foliage seems to light the design up and make it shine. No matter what the design style, or the color scheme, the visual relief that greenery provides, undoubtedly enhances the overall look and mood of the space.

During my transition from the model home industry into the residential and commercial forums I have come to realize how overlooked the value and impact of plants typical are. Since Area Interior Planning began operating in 2006, I have walked many a home and office to find virtually no greenery, whether it be live or artificial. Often times my clients will share their frusteration about not feeling thier space is 'polished' or complete - yet they are unable to determine what is missing. More times that not, the solution is the addition of plantings, florals and trees. The placement of these items offers a visual relief from the 'item-item-item' affect that bare furnishings can sometimes portray. Thus, in my professional opinion - I feel strongly that plants truly are the glue that holds a strong design together.