Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Power of Paint

The impact of color is a multi-faceted topic that can range from beauty to psychology and a million avenues in between. When applied to interior design, color influences the entire direction of the style and is always a critical component to the project.

As many of us are 'tightening the belt' on our household spendings these days, the need for budget friendly creativity is in high demand. A complete remodel or re-design of your home or office may not be an option at this time - yet the need for a refreshing change is very apparent. As a frugal-minded interior designer, myself - I have come to love and rely upon the Power of Paint!

Dollar for dollar - the effect that a simple change of paint can have to a space goes far and wide. A basic tone-on-tone pallet of fabrics and furnishings can be completely awakened with a punch of new color on the walls. A bold, aggressive scheme can be calmed and balanced by toning down the walls to a more neutral level. Your room can achieve a completely new attitude with a simple gallon of paint, a ladder and a brush!

Even within the realm of painting there are cost cutting options. Most often, the expensive to hire a professional painter far outweighs the actual material costs - thus, consider doing it yourself. You may find that painting can be quite therapeutic once you get the hang of it. Another cost cutting idea is to choose just one or two walls to paint as an accent rather than the entire space. You'll save on paint and time, yet still walk away with a new flair to your room.

For the sake of sharing a little inspiration I thought I'd show some of the current color trends for 2009 - 2010 that are making quite a statement in the design industry. I find the Sico Paint website to be a wonderful guide to what's hot in the world of paint, or what they like to call "Liquid Inspiration" . . .