Monday, September 28, 2009

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In addition to traditional design focuses, there have been new avenues emerging that are getting a lot of attention these days thanks to the rough housing market and tightly fastened purse strings.

A new branch of interior decorating is the art of home redesign. This novel field uses a client's readily available furniture and accessories to redesign the space. Before placing the furnishings in their new spots, home redesigners take into account each room's focal point, functionality, and comfort. It usually take less than one day for a home redesigner to complete their speedy makeovers.

Another emerging branch of interior decorating is home staging. loosely tied to the real estate industry, home staging involves prepping houses for mass appeal and faster, higher ales. Home stagers start by clearing clutter from the property and making recommendations for minor repairs. Then, the home stager strategically places the furniture and accessories to show off the highlights of a room while downplaying any flaws.

Home Staging vs. Decorating
Staging is not decorating. Here are some differences:

• Decorating is a luxury
• Staging is a necessity

• Decorating is for the homeowner's enjoyment
• Staging is for the future buyer

• Decorating is personal style
• Staging is universal style - profile that is coming through the house, any recommendations are
to secure an offer.

• Decorating Involves (generally) larger budgets
• Staging is always about budget and is time sensitive

• Decorating means you have a loner time line
• Staging - you work with a tighter deadline

• Decorating is optional
• Staging is Mandatory (especially in today's market)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's Getting Better

As I sit here and type, I feel giddy with anticipation of what is to come. There seems to be a bit of improvement in the economy because all of a sudden, my phone is ringing again. The typical season of Interior Design does flourish most once Autumn hits. Kids are back in school, Mom's are thinking about holiday entertaining and their home's interior all of a sudden gets moved to the top of the priority list. But this year, given the state of our nation, I was not so confident that the pattern would continue. The Summer has been very quiet for Area Interior Planning and I feared that the lull would creep into the new season. So - I am elated that I was wrong about my pessimistic assumption. Just in the last two weeks, I have had several inquiry calls about design services and now I feel quite confident in saying that - It's getting better out there!

Having all of that said - for those of you that are on the fence about making some changes to your home in time for the holidays, do not delay. It is time to get the project underway if you want it completed in time to enjoy this holiday season. Given lead times of furniture orders, slim stock availability due to cut backs and just the creative design time that needs to be allotted to pull your design together - October is just the right time to pull the trigger.

Area Interior Planning would love to help you spruce things up in time for those holiday parties. Should you be interested in scheduling an initial consultation - please contact me. Cari Carter 949-294-5769 •