Monday, October 5, 2009


The Most Inexpensive Way to Update Your Interior

In today's tough economic times, not all of us have the extra spending money to purchase new furniture or accessories to refresh our home's interiors. But with the holiday entertaining season right around the corner, a lot of us feel then need to spruce things up. The good news is that with just a few minor changes of your existing pieces - a home can feel revitalized and renewed, giving you that 'newly decorated' satisfaction.

Because we are living day in and day out in the space - it is often difficult to see the alternate uses and potential of what you already have in the house. Bringing in an interior designer can definitely help with that vision. As a fresh eye looking at your individual rooms - a designer can offer some wonderful ideas about moving pieces from one location to another or rearranging the configuration of artwork on the wall, to consolidating accessories to achieve a more impactful statement. You'd be surprised how an 'outside the box' approach to your existing furniture, lighting, art and accessories can really give you home a whole new vibe.

The beauty to such a solution is that it is extremely cost effective. Aside from some additional suggestions that your designer may give you about new merchandise to consider, there is virtually no purchase expense of new furniture or accessories. Of course, there will be a nominal fee for the Interior Designer's time - but, that will definitely be much less of an investment than remodeling or refurnishing would be.

So, if you are feeling that your home is stale and dated - give 'one day design' a try. See for yourself how small tweaks can make a big difference. Area Interior Planning specializes in 'Big Bang for your Buck' design services, so be sure to call if you are interested in remixing your home.